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    Outperform Competition in Quality, Time and Savings
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    Uncover Extraordinary Value Hidden in Technology
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    Achieve Patient Safety in Regulatory Compliance

Why Firmplace

Experience - 10 years of continues delivery center experience in clinical and laboratory operations.

Quality of work - Ongoing support of large pharma-clients speaks of extremely high ethics in work attendance and delivery of the exceptional results.

Sustainable Costing - We are proud that over the past 10 years we have offered our clients the most competitive and predictable costing in the CRO sector.

Responsible and accountable partner - We run at speeds parallel to yours, under your full control: and supreme communications is in our DNA.

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Make Firmplace your flagship. We welcome seasoned innovative thinkers who can make our clients and us more resilient and successful. Come-on onboard with us to learn and create, innovate and discover the new frontiers. CONTACT US or email your resume.

About Company

We are a dedicated team of professionals possessing capabilities and expertise that allows our clients operate their critical businesses in regulatory compliance for ISO 9001, ISO 27000 international standards in major industries: pharma-healthcare, chemicals and banking-finance.

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Our Community

Our Community

We are committed to making a meaningful and positive contribution to the individuals, families and communities within our mutual space. CONTACT US to learn more.