Drug R&D Analytical Solutions

Our solution is built atop large health industry databases of 2,000+ integrated circuit (IC) and 1,400+ software project data that have been used to develop empirical models. These models calculate the end result complexity, or difficulty, of a drug development project from the technical characteristics of the final product. Using this complexity metric, which represents the standard effort required for the project by an average team, study project managers can generate more accurate plans for new projects and compare their teams' effectiveness to their peers in the database.

Engagement Models

Consulting engagements

In this model, a dedicated Firmplace team comprising product development and our professionals conducts a set of analyses (analytics and/or qualitative assessments) to identify optimization opportunities and improvement actions for clients. We offers two engagement options:

Quantitative R&D diagnostic

• Baseline: Assess 5-7 completed projects to form an organizational baseline
• Benchmark: Compare performance metrics and identify key differences
    ◦Across different project/teams
    ◦Against an industry peer group and best-in-class
• Planning/risk assessment: Analyze 1-2 new or ongoing projects
    ◦Assess risk in current plan assumptions relative to execution performance achieved on previous projects and to industry peers
    ◦Apply predictive analytics to estimate high-confidence budget, schedule and resource plans
• Duration: 4-6 weeks

Comprehensive R&D diagnostic
Includes the Quantitative R&D diagnostic, plus:

• Root cause analysis: apply a range of qualitative and analytical diagnostic tools, including:
    ◦Fingerprinting: qualitative assessment of the development process
    ◦Deconstruction: assessment of completed projects to identify key issues
    ◦Lean: assessment of completed projects to identify non-value-add activates
Duration: 8-10 weeks.


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