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  • . Firmplace offers a comprehensive cGMP stability program. Multiple chambers can be used to meet a variety of temperature conditions as required by FDA as well as various client directed conditions give the program depth and versatility.
        Accelerated Stability
        Long Term Stability
        Drug Substance or Drug Product Stability
        IND, NDA, ANDA Stability
        Photo stability
        Protocol Design for R&D Stability and Formulation Evaluations
        Stability Storage can be arranged on demand


    .Firmplace can also setup studies to assist you with some of the following
        R&D Testing
        Stability - Accelerated and Real time
        Period After Opening
        OTC ingredient analysis
        Acne Products
        Hand Sanitizers
        Product Line Quality Assurance Testing


Laboratory Services for Biotechnology Companies

Firmplace offers a complete array of testing services designed for cGMP manufacturers needs, for start-up to mature companies, to farther develop their innovative ideas and turn them into exceptional outcomes.

To meet the demands of it's high volume manufacturing clientele Firmplace runs two shifts and weekends. Samples are received from from the continental U.S. and and Europe; orders fulfilled on timely manner.

Firmplace also specializes in Analytical Methods Development and Validation for ICP-MS, GC, GC-MS, HPLC, UPLC, and IC.
Firmplace is also experienced in FDA detained products. All testing is performed under cGMP or GLP requirements GMP data packages can be provided at the request of the client.


Given Firmplace's capabilities in Microbiology and Analytical chemistry we are the ideal partner for your next stability study. With potentially acquired large volume of chambers and wide range of conditions we can prepare to take on most short or long term shelf life or period after opening study.

  Stability Testing Services May Include:
       Complete Method Development or Transfer and Validation
       Active Ingredients by HPLC, GC and other Analyses
       Antimicrobial Effectiveness Tests
       Color, Odor and Appearance
       Endotoxin Testing
       Microbial Limits
       BP, EP, JP and USP Monograph Tests
       Particulate Matter
       Preservative Actives
       Specific Gravity
       Sterility Tests
       Weight Change



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