How Firmplace can streamline your business through process automation

Does your business spend large amounts of time on receptive tasks?
Do you find that things take a long time to accomplish due to complex processes?
When manual processes and tasks go wrong, do you find yourself spending hours unraveling the tangled mess?
We can help answer with:

  • Intelligent process modeling: Take advantage of a comprehensive, graphical workflow modeling and simulation design studio to define and test processes.
  • Electronic forms designer: Rely on a web-based solution for creating and deploying electronic forms embedded with business logic to increase process efficiency.
  • Business activity monitoring: Use a comprehensive monitoring and management dashboard to gain visibility into business processes and optimize performance across the enterprise.
  • Mobile process automation: Enable your decision makers to access, review, digitally sign, and approve steps in pivotal business processes from anywhere, on any device.
  • Document process automation: Manage processes from end-to-end with seamless integration among all Autonomy ECM components. Initiate workflows from HP MFPs, extract data from captured forms, route WorkSite documents, and save forms in WorkSite for comprehensive automation.
  • Audit and security: Securely connect all people across the enterprise with information and processes, whether inside or outside the enterprise firewall. Expansive tracking and auditing capabilities log user and administrative activity in the management console, enabling you to meet compliance mandates.


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