Your local "cloud" and the cloud services.

Just like in the sky, our cloud services come in all shapes and sizes to give you the flexibility you need.

So, what do you think what to keep local and what to commission in the cloud?

  • Cloud services - Preferred built a series of data centers with you in mind. Through our highly secure and reliable cloud design methodology, you gain access to resources as needed, including software applications, computing capacity, storage, security, routing, switching, and other components.
  • Your local "cloud" - We design and build a local cloud under your roof, to store and/or host data and some of the services. You receive the hardware and still get to enjoy access to software monthly on an as needed basis. Your data remains on site and in your control. This works well for healthcare, and organizations in finance that seek the performance of having their files on site and the security  they are bound by regulations.
  • Want to marry the two? Yes, Firmplace can do that, too. Our team understands the intricacies of the cloud environment and can build an integrated solution that gives you the best of both clouds.


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