about us
  • Why Firmplace


    Firmplace will recognize it's work done well when you realize the exceptional outcomes achieved with our help: new revenues, extraordinary savings, streamlined performance.

    Our mission


    At Firmplace our mission is to develop and implement innovative ideas that will enable business leaders to envision fundamental change and realize extraordinary results.

Who we are

We are a dedicated team of professionals possessing capabilities and expertise that allows our clients operate their critical businesses in regulatory compliance for ISO 9001, ISO 27000 international standards in major industries: pharma-healthcare, chemicals and banking-finance. We offer a full spectrum of services including technology, supply chain logistics and selective sourcing process management.


How we do it

Firmplace focuses on corporate concerns such as project completion, revenue-profitability and overall business-technology strategy. We take the time to understand the customers' goals and objectives and put our experience and expertise to work to deliver tangible and impacting results, immediately. We work closely with our clients to architect a customized approach in delivering the day-to-day functions, while increasing revenues, reducing operating expenses and significantly increasing profitability.


Our commitment to you

We deliver results virtually the moment our services are executed. Our clients receive individualized attention and a customized approach to their specific business needs. We accomplish our goals through an approach that combines a broad knowledge of business issues with a deep understanding of specific industries. As a trusted part of your resources, we deliver reliable results, time and time again.

A word from our clients

"I would like to express my appreciation for the service you have provided to us regarding our technology management. Your advice is always helpful, your service is always friendly and willing, and we look forward to a long association with you." Time Systems

"It is great to see that amongst all this artificial equipment, the human touch still makes a huge difference. Having excellent customer support and resources so readily available is a reassurance that is lacking from many firms I have dealt with, but is still the center of your business. Congratulations!" 6th Ave Retailer

"You have made the word dependence a simple reassurance; by depending on it we've achieved so much in so little time. Through the help and assistance of your expertise, we not only took a step into the future, but let the future lead us to where we stand now." BA - Hospital and CHHA - Home Health Care

"I highly recommend your services. Your efforts have helped us cut one third of our costs. Keep up the good work." Pfizer cro

"I wish to congratulate you on great service and keeping your word throughout the whole process. I am happy that we followed your guidance." LanPharma.